Visualization & Analytics

Extremely large data sets in tabular/text-based formats make it difficult to discern significant patterns, correlations, and underlying trends. Solving this problem requires looking at the data differently – visually. Visualizing data provides a mechanism to quickly and easily gain data-driven insights that might otherwise go overlooked. iPhronesis includes a robust visualization and analytics engine for this purpose.

Using the iPhronesis Visualization and Analytics engine you can:

Gain actionable insight from extremely large data sets faster.

Identify and understand hidden relationships and connections in disparate data

Accelerate decision making on new approaches and products.

Communicate key findings more effectively

iPhronesis Supported Data-Driven Documents (D3)

iPhronesis supports the use of Data-driven documents or D3 within the platform. D3 is a JavaScript library used to produce dynamic, interactive data visualizations in web browsers.

iPhronesis Integrated 3rd Party Visualization Tools

iPhronesis easily integrates with 3rd party visualization packages, including Plotly™ and QIIME 2™ View.


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