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The world’s first digital genetic assistant

OptraGURU is the world’s first digital genetic assistant. Combining leading edge artificial intelligence, with conversational technologies like Amazon’s Alexa, OptraGURU harnesses vast stores of genetic data locked away in corporate silos and publicly available sources, allowing genetic testing organizations the ability to offer a more personalized and engaging service to their consumers, a deeper breadth of knowledge to genetic counselors, and a disruptive tool for bioinformaticians to interrogate raw data in a conversational manner.


As the cost of genome sequencing and genotyping have fallen, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of direct-to-consumer and physician-ordered genetic testing options available. Consumers have more access to data than ever before which presents potential risks in interpreting complex and often times ambiguous information. Genetic Counseling can clear up this ambiguity, but may not be readily available as the number of consumers increases. OptraGURU solves this problem by enabling genetic testing companies to engage their consumers in a more personal manner. Here is how it works:

  • Users invoke OptraGURU on Alexa.
  • Once started, users can ask OptraGURU to access their personal genetic reports through their testing provider.
  • Once their report is loaded, users can ask OptraGURU to explain their results.
  • OptraGURU will explain their results in a comprehensive and compassionate manner.
  • If the user has questions, they can engage in a conversation with OptraGURU, asking questions and getting answers about their results.

OptraGURU provides genetic testing organizations to ability to offer their consumers a highly personalized service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Genetic Counseling

Genetic Counselors are an important member of the healthcare team playing an important role both before and after genetic testing. Genetic Counselors are highly trained and work with families at risk or affected by genetic disorders. Serving as a central resource Genetic Counselors:

  • Identify families at possible risk of a genetic condition.
  • Provide information about genetic testing and related procedures.
  • Present complex and difficult-to-comprehend information about genetic risks, testing, and diagnosis to families and patients.
  • Help families understand the significance of genetic conditions.
  • Discuss available options.

And much more…

Providing this valuable and expensive service requires the Genetic Counselor to do a tremendous amount of research, gathering and analyzing family history and inheritance patterns and staying on top of the latest research on genetic conditions. With the amount and changing nature of the information available, this can be a challenge.

OptrGURU, solves this problem by providing genetic testing companies a conversational platform that can be utilized by their Genetic Counselors to:

  • Load a compare the genetic test results of multiple family members. Asking relevant questions along the way.
  • Locate and consume the latest research on a genetic conditions simply by asking
  • Help families understand the significance of genetic conditions by identifying other resources of information.
  • Serve as resource for other healthcare professionals or the general public about genetic conditions.


After genomic sequencing is performed and before a report is available, the raw genomic data has to be analyzed and interpreted. Data analysis is usually performed by highly trained bioinformaticians and geneticists using complex analysis pipelines and then reviewing the output of those pipelines. This analysis can take hours or more. This process is further complicated by the fact that there is often other analytics that is required before a final report can be generated.
OptraGURU helps the bioinformaticians and geneticists within a genetic testing organization by providing them a more interactive means of interrogating raw genetic data. OptraGURU will:
  • Read and analyze VCF files
  • Once read the bioinformatician can engage OptraGURU and interrogate the data by asking questions in natural language.
  • OptraGURU will respond based on that file and the vast repository of information available.
  • Bioinformaticians can drill down to lower levels based on the questions asked and answers provided.

OptraGURU Technology

OptraGURU utilizes Amazon’s Voice Recognition (VR)  capabilities for conversation, along with a rich Ontological Library of over 65 million unique life sciences and healthcare concepts and extensive Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Deep Machine Learning (ML) capabilities provided by the iPhronesis platform.


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