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iPhronesis® accelerates the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology drug development process using the power of artificial Intelligence.

iPhronesis accelerates the drug development process by helping Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies deliver more focused solutions, enabling the automatic curation and synthesis of Real World Evidence (RWE), and identifying new uses for existing medications – to name a few.

Using iPhronesis’ proprietary Cognitive Text Mining technology researchers can stay on top of new publications automatically, converting unstructured real world data into actionable insights.

iPhronesis uses powerful AI technologies like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to generate novel insigts for further downstream research.

Bioinformaticians can create and publish complex analysis pipelines using the iPhronesis visual pipeline manager. Automation of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology data analysis pipelines has never been easier.

iPhronesis provides extensibility to meet specific research requirements like applying custom data model for statistical modelling and correlation.

Users can connect to hundreds of different real world data sources, both public and private, using included pre-built data connectors.

Complex data can be visualized to identify hidden relationships through an extensive visualization library.

Use Cases/Applications:

  • Drug Discovery
  • Drug Repurposing
  • Cohort Design
  • Smart Clinical Trial Design
  • Efficacy & Toxicity
  • Predictive & Prognostic Reporting
  • Interactive Pathway Mapping
  • Biomarker & Therapeutic Discovery

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