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iPhronesis® makes genomic data analysis and reporting easier than ever.

iPhronesis allows clinicians, geneticists, and bioinformaticians to work together seamlessly on data analysis, to develop methods and workflows using sequenced data, connect to numerous data sources, automatically gather and curate additional research, and visualize complex data and relationships.

Using proprietary Cognitive Text Mining technology iPhronesis can automatically identify and read millions of scientific publications, converting unstructured data into structured actionable knowledge.

Bioinformaticians can create and publish complex analysis pipelines using the iPhronesis visual pipeline manager. Automation has never been easier.

Users can connect to hundreds of different genomic data sources using included pre-built data connectors.

Complex data can be visualized to identify hidden relationships through an extensive visualization library.

Use Cases/Applications:

  • Cancer Genomics/Tumor Profiling
  • Rapid Patient Stratification for Translational Research
  • Automated Identification and Classification of Rare Variants
  • Genotype/Phenotype Studies
  • Identification of Causative Mutations
  • Interactive Pathway Mapping
  • Accelerated Biomarker Discovery
  • Therapeutic Discovery

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