Delivering healthcare faster and cost-effectively is a challenge. More than 70% of patients do not adhere to their health-plans.

Healthcare Analytics

Helping providers make insightful decision based on analysis of disparate data sources such as medical records, lab data, genomic data, literature etc.

Enhanced by a massive 2million QA KnowledgeBase for making clinical co-relations generating novel insights and meaningful associations.

Generating novel insights

Combining data from multiple data sources

Advanced NLP based AI analytic

Patient longitudinal views

Patient centric healthcare

Conversational Patient Engagement

Patients who are not engaged are expensive and cost more. To solve this problem, with HealthFAX you can transform any workflow into a personalized conversational experience. leading to improved outcomes, operational efficiency, and patient satisfaction.

Automate tasks such as intake, family history, insurance estimations and provide conversational patient counseling.

Engage patients meaningfully with HealthFAX™. Thus, when patients visit your clinic, they are fully prepared, thus saving valuable physician time, and improving organizational productivity.

Process driven virtual assistants

Meaningful engagement

Personalized Follow-ups

Enhancing staff productivity with AI based automation

Live connect with Health Experts

Intelligent healthcare companion for the entire patient journey

  • Powerful NLP based conversations

  • Support for all clinical scenarios

  • More than 2 million curated QAs

  • Live chat with Health Experts