HealthFAX™ is the ideal digital healthcare companion for your healthcare journey. With HealthFAX™ you are equipped for managing your health. From making appointments to providing your medical information before visiting your physician, understanding your prescription or your medical reports, do it all from HealthFAX™.

Thinking how much a doctor’s visit or perhaps a lab test is going to cost? With HealthFAX™ you can get personalized test cost estimates, deductibles, co-pay, and much more information in real-time, all you need is your insurance member ID.

HealthFAX™ provides you a seamless experience based on its conversational capabilities. Our conversational technology will make the engagement with your provider more meaningful.

You may have so many questions about your health. HealthFAX™ provides a KnowledgeBOT that has more than 2 million question and answers. Ask your health-related questions in natural language and HealthFAX™ will provide you the answer.

HealthFAX™: A Digital Navigator for Healthcare

Be fully prepared for your appointment by obtaining information from HealthFAX™. Your provider will send you a link to HealthFAX™ and you may provide your family information or report any symptoms before the appointment.

HealthFAX™ is your virtual assistant for personalized medical condition risk assessment based on personal and family history. HealthFAX™ will conversationally guide you through the process, right from your home and when you are ready.

Your provider will receive your medical information before the appointment. And, if would like to know about any topic in healthcare the HealthFAX™ KnowledgeBOT is available. Ask any question in natural language.

Health risk assessments based on personal and family history

Appropriate test recommendations as per the various guidelines

Real-time insurance cost estimations for various tests, procedures, etc. based on their plans

On-demand and instant connections with health experts

Your entire health journey with HealthFAX™

You have just had your doctor’s appointment or perhaps you just had a test or a medical procedure. Yet, there are so many questions you have, but it is difficult to get another appointment. Luckily, your physician already uses HealthFAX™ so they will send you links to HealthFAX™ chatbots. With this in your hands, you are meaningfully engaging with your physician's office, virtually. And you may interrogate your report or learn your procedure findings or simply learn more about any health topic with HealthFAX™ KnowledgeBOT.

Efficient communications with your entire healthcare team

Accurate, personalized testing and follow-up recommendations

Conversationally provide information to your healthcare providers

Personalized results delivery

Curated & Validated Health KnowledgeBase

  • Learn about any topic in healthcare

  • Natural language-based healthcare education based on the high-quality medical information