Engaging efficiently with your physician referral networks and patients is always a challenge. For customer satisfaction resulting in uptake in testing volumes, patient experience is everything. Be it for testing or for reporting.

Provide your physicians and patients the technology they need for an enhanced ordering experience. Reach more patients by enabling them to learn about your tests, their reports, and health in general.

HealthFAX™ is your one-stop solution for all your digital patient and physician engagement needs. HealthFAX™ provides a seamless conversational platform for intelligently automating your various workflows and process.

During pre-test HealthFAX™ assists in

Increase testing volumes by empowering your physician referral networks and patients with HealthFAX™. This intelligent digital assistant will help to triage patients conversationally according to guidelines and automatically generate Test Requisition Forms.

With HealthFAX™ it is as easy as sending patients chatbots links, be it for triage, family history intake, personalized insurance cost estimation, patient education, and many more. Patients are fully prepared for their appointment, thus reducing consultation time, and making it simple for your providers to order your tests.

Patient history intake such as family history

Guidelines-based assessment (NCCN, ACMG, ASGH, AHA, etc.)

Test cost estimation

Educate patients about lab testing

Live connect with Health Experts

During post-test HealthFAX™ assists in

Automate results delivery with HealthFAX™. It can be any report such as blood work, mammography report, or even a genetic report. With HealthFAX™ patented advanced conversational abilities anyone can interrogate their health reports.

Be it the physician seeking more information about their patients or patients who would like to know everything about their test results. Simply ask a question to HealthFAX™ and the report findings are explained.

Follow-ups for family member testing

Automated results delivery

Post-test health education

Live connect with Health Experts

Patient Education

  • Empowering patients to ask questions in natural language

  • Ask any question about genetic health

  • More than 2 million curated question & answers

  • Information about diseases, testing and report understanding